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Sports Massage Therapy | Dul-X

DUL-X Story

The idea of “victory” – victory, especially over oneself… during training, by reaching own limits… DUL-X!

DUL-Xcombines the newest scientific findings, in the prevention and recovery of different muscles chronic alignments, together with the suggestions of the physiotherapists, sport massage therapists, and famous athletes.

DUL-X is always part of the game when it comes to victories during competition: inter-club competition, Olympic Games, World championships and more.

DUL-X is an asset in the sports bags of muscle men and beside the mascots of the graceful women athletes. TheDUL-X scent is carried over the steepest passes by the most famous and also by the little unknown "heroes of the road".

DUL-X System

DUL-X, 100% natural ingredients, works in harmony with body to enhance its natural functions.It accelerates the body's own healing process when minor injuries do occur, and promotes post recovery.

DUL-X is more than just a massage product. DUL-X is a complete well-balanced system in the field of sports massage.

DUL-X can help create the optimal performance for professional athletes, sports enthusiasts or anyone that uses their body rigorously.

DUL-X Major Events

  • Atlanta Olympics 1996
  • JW MARRIOTT(Dubai) Inter-Sport Challenge 1998
  • Dubai World Strongest Man 1999
  • Beirut International Marathon 2003
  • Athens Olympics 2004 Lausanne Marathon 2004
  • Beirut International Marathon 2004
  • Pascal Richard Olympic 2006
  • Zurich Marathon 2006
  • Swiss Power Gigathlon 2007
  • Swiss Olympics Gigathlon 2009
… and more to come

DUL-X Product Lines


Muscles Massage Treatment

DUL-X Warming Cream (50ml)

The natural effective system of DUL-X WARM CREAM is based on a specific combination of pure, essential oils. The warming effect is intense and long lasting, giving a pleasant relaxation.

DUL-X WARM CREAM provides beneficial effect:

  • For massages before, during or after physical performance in sports or work
  • For cold weather activities
  • For water sports
  • For people sensitive to cold

APPLICATION: Massage 3-4 times a day.

DUL-X Classic Gel l (125ml)

The natural effective system of DUL-X GEL CLASSIC is based on specific combination of pure, essential oils. The gel rapidly penetrates into the skin becoming immediately effective. Non-Oily.

DUL-X GEL CLASSIC provides beneficial effect:

  • After strenuous effort in sports or work
  • Relaxes and soothes neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, knees and feet.

APPLICATION: Massage few times daily.

Sports Injuries Treatment

DUL-X Gel Cool l (125ml)

A maximum impact which goes far beyond cooling! DUL-X COOL GEL is specially formulated for the professional cooling therapy.

DUL-X COOL GEL provides beneficial effect

  • Whenever cooling therapy is needed
  • For minor sports injuries

APPLICATION: Massage 3-4 times a day.

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